Freshly Baked Bread Stix Everyday

OG Roll         4

Garlic, Italian seasoning  

Everything Bagel Roll                 5

Topped Everything Bagel Seasoning served w/ cream cheese 

Paisan       6

Stuffed w/ pepperoni and mozzarella served w/pizza sauce on the side. 


Cinna Bread 4   

Topped w/ cinnamon sugar served w/ icing on the side.


Coke Products - 2

Water - 1

Special Flavor: You just gotta be there!  


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 What we're about 

Hi there! My name is Noel, the owner of The Bread Man Food Truck. I am currently a Baking & Pastry student at the College of Dupage and I'm from the city of Chicago. The Bread Man started off as a nickname from a good friend of mine. My Bread adventures naturally resulted in developing tasty Bread recipes. The type of bread where you won't feel ashamed to fill up on before dinner. We've all been there, you know what I'm talkin' about! The Bread Man is all about fun, carboloading, and breaking bread! Eventually, I will expand the menu! 


Our industry has been hit hard, but ultimately our industry is the most adaptable because we want and need to serve the people of our community. And that's what we're all about, making the community happy, joyous, and comforting. The Bread Man is my Passion Project, all I care about is making people smile with one bite. 


 Private Events  

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